Blockchain platform for the Hedge fund industry

Development of a platform for monitoring transactions for compliance violations in real-time and recording all compliance alerts

United States
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Relying on our expertise in the FinTech industry, a private investor from the United States turned to us to find a technical solution to a detected problem in the processes of hedge funds management

Business challenges

  • Outdated reporting practices
  • Growing demands of global regulatory authorities to protect the end investor
  • High risks of losing business in case of error detection during a regulatory audit

Our solutions

  • Blockchain technology implementation
  • New product development and launch

Technical solution

We conducted research and designed a software architecture using blockchain as a core technology. Our team designed a global ecosystem that allows recording a hedge fund’s transaction and compliance data onto a private blockchain. We developed a solution based on AWS and network-attached storage (NAS), which enables secure data storage and its recovery from the cloud. To provide a successful product launch on the market we designed and wrote a detailed whitepaper and provided professional on-site software deployment

Technology stack

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Solidity
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • TypeScript
  • Redis
  • RxJs
  • SocketIO
  • SocketCluster
  • AWS
  • RabbitMQ

Key activities

Business results

In the course of the project, we developed the product from scratch within the budget and time. Our technical solutions allowed the customer to gain the following ends:

  1. Enter the large market with its own unique product - CG blockchain
  2. Create a new financial tool niche for the hedge fund industry
  3. Increase transparency and accountability levels to protect the end investor
  4. Sign agreements with FactSet and get the opportunity to integrate with one of its products
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