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We build effective architecture solutions to accelerate scalability and profitability of your business

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Service description

Based on your needs and the existing software ecosystem, our engineers and consultants choose the right technology to create scalable state-of-the-art software architecture tailored precisely to your company

Benefits of a thought-out software architecture

Create a solid foundation for your software project to ensure it will be scalable, powerful, and reliable to positively influence time to market

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Software scalability

Intending to upgrade your product in the future, getting the architecture right from the start allows implementing new blocks and modules, ensuring functionality and flexibility of your software

Stable software development cost

By refined software architecture, any component can be reworked without changing other blocks as different business needs arise, enabling you to present new upgrades cheaper and faster

Reduced time-to-market

Optimized tools and processes enable to detect problems causes faster that reduces the loss of time and workforce caused by disruptions

Enhanced security

With cloud platforms running on the latest security protocols, your applications receive constant security upgrades and bug fixes that make them protected from data breaches

Increased revenue

Streamlined processes, new services, improved customer satisfaction as well as reduction of operational costs enable your business to generate more revenues

Services we offer

SaaS application architecture

Our team analyzes your project and designs a well-structured software architecture based on modern SaaS app requirements. We specialize in the development of microservice and multi-tenant architectures as well as in the design of serverless and monolithic architectures on demand


Based on specific business requirements we design service-oriented architecture (SOA) and build models based on independently deployable, reusable, and interchangeable software modules (services) accessible via interfaces. This architectural approach reduces app development time providing both fast time-to-market and business agility

Microservices architecture

To provide greater flexibility and scalability as compared to monolithic apps, our engineers design microservice architectures of multiple services working independently and communicating via application programming interfaces (APIs). Such approach allows building more fault-tolerant and cloud-oriented apps

Cloud software architecture

We design cloud architectures where all technology components and resources are combined in the cloud and shared over the network. Such architecture allows building apps that help businesses to reduce or eliminate their reliance on on-premises server, storage, and networking infrastructure

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Create a foundation for your business growth

With our software architecture solutions, we build forward-thinking software providing value to your operations

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