Who we are

A team of passionate professionals driven to develop world-class cloud platforms and products that empower and connect communities around the world

a modern building in the green, the city of the future

What sets us apart

We strive to achieve symbiosis by ensuring our cooperation is beneficial for all parties involved. From creating niche products to developing business automation platforms, Twelvedevs, the only devs you need

Our fundamentals

We have identified four pillars for creating a technology company that meets our vision

Work symbiotically

We work in harmony with our clients, recognizing each as a long-term partner with their own principles, vision, and team

Sustainable growth

Growth and scaling are our areas of expertise, enabling us to solve any problem by developing winning strategies and bespoke solutions

Focus on innovations

By following technology trends, we combine innovation with business needs to develop software solutions tailored to both market demands and business challenges

Strive for results

We achieve results by believing in the power of strong leadership, continuous learning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence

Engagement models

We design, develop, and support software solutions on the Twelvedevs's premises adhering to the offshore model and offer the following engagement models

  • 01

    Fixed price

    Ideal for small-and-middle-sized projects when specifications are defined and timelines are aggressive. We provide our clients with a project quotation describing the project scope, schedule of work, and payment. This is the most cost-effective outsourcing solution

  • 02

    Time and materials contract (T&M)

    Ideal for middle-sized and large dynamic projects with high variability and without clear requirements. This contract assumes a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) scheme when a client pays at a daily rate for each employee dedicated to the project. The model provides clients with maximum control over project deliverables and the team of developers

  • 03

    Dedicated development team

    Ideal for long-term projects with changing requirements, allowing for direct management and team integration. This engagement framework provides you with a dedicated team of professionals who work exclusively on your project. The model offers an efficient, flexible, and scalable way to handle software development projects, with a focus on long-term partnership

  • 04

    Staff augmentation

    According to this model, we provide our client with certain skills engineers to temporarily extend an existing in-house team. Such a model provides clients with full control over the development process and significantly reduces costs for infrastructure, social benefits, etc.

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