GPS tracking solution for transportation management platform

Integration with the largest global network of more than 3 million trucks and development of real-time truck tracking solution with ETA calculations

the route on the map of Europe, screenshot of the application


A client from Europe with their own platform for transport management and with the need to provide ETA and real-time tracking of shipments for clients by expanding the functionality of the module

Business challenges

  • Implement the task without using own GPS equipment
  • Integration with Project44
  • Provide customers with ETAs

Our solutions

  • Integration with iPaaS
  • Setting up the cloud for secure data processing
  • Update tracking point statuses in real time
the route on the map of Europe, screenshot of the application

Technical solution

After analyzing the requirements and conducting research, we suggested that the client integrate his platform with an iPaaS called Project44. Its Visibility Operations Center provided ETA and had cloud-based freight APIs to instantly connect shippers and 3PLs to bandwidth. To update shipping information, we implemented two solutions, one using Cron (Command Run ON) and the other using a web service and web hooks. The Cron implementation had its drawbacks, but it allowed the project to start faster, which was a priority for the client at the moment. Using crontab files, we write a script that requests data from Project44 every 15 minutes, and then a special code is executed to update the data on the platform side.

But this solution did not provide real-time information, having a 15-minute delay due to script execution. To solve the problem, we have developed a solution to instantly update shipment data using a web service and web hooks. Immediately after updating the data on the Project44 side, the web service received a request to verify and update the shipment data.

We upgraded the client platform tracking module, where, after adding a deal, it communicated through the carrierIdentifier and bill of lading with the Project44 system and allowed the carrier and shipper to receive real-time information about the status of the cargo, as well as trace points passed.

Technology stack

  • Nest.js
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Web Sockets
  • AS2
  • OpenAS2
  • Cron

Key activities

Business results

The project we implemented allowed the client to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase communication efficiency and reduce tracking calls of platform users
  2. Reduce late fees and operational costs
  3. Provide customers with a extended visibility during shipping process
The platform has 10,000 users and met all expectations. Twelvedevs has garnered the partner's trust and loyalty through their work ethic and dedicated efforts. They maintain excellent communication and implement an efficient project management style. Expertise is a hallmark of their work.
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