ERP solution for the construction industry

SaaS B2B solution for monitoring field workers' safety rules compliance, providing them with tasks and their completion quality tracking

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Keen Safety solution is designed to simplify the process of safety rules compliance in the construction industry. It's a project of Keen Construction and Concreting Pty Ltd, a Brisbane based construction firm specializing in both commercial and residential minor works, repairs, and maintenance

Business challenges

  • Poor competitiveness in a crowded service market
  • Difficulty of scaling the business in the current region

Our solutions

  • Automation of people management processes
  • Business processes optimization and improvement of service delivery quality
  • B2B entry with own product
  • PWA (progressive web application)
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Technical solution

In order to reduce internal costs for logistics and document flow, we have developed a cross-platform mobile application using the React Native framework. It allows to remotely control the execution of tasks by field workers, generate accompanying documentation, as well as implement the full cycle of relations within the contractor organization by using various levels of access for subcontractors, team leaders, foremen, and organization leaders. We integrated Stripe's payments APIs for the management of payment plans and subscriptions, which made it possible to reduce the time for developing identical functionality on the site by 2-6 weeks and significantly cut the final cost of the project for the client. As a result, we developed a comprehensive SaaS solution for sale to B2B customers allowing them to optimize monitoring of field workers safety

Technology stack

  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • MySQL

Key activities

Business results

The introduction of our technical solutions into business processes made it possible to carry out the digital transformation of the company and achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase the business competitiveness by reducing internal costs and enabling to set competitive prices for services
  2. Improve the quality of provided services through the introduction of electronic document management and digitalization of the control process
  3. Transform the business and enter the big B2B market with own SaaS solution
Twelvedevs has been an essential player in building the software and, by extension, the business itself. They employ an effective project management approach, working flexible hours to account for time differences. While they could be more structured with scheduling, their flexible workflow works well.
Lydia Elliott
PM at Keen Safety
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