Legacy system modernization and workflow automation

Upgrade of systems for order and inventory management and data flow optimization for a large flower distributor

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Potomac floral is a true wholesale florist company that caters to some of the best designers and florists in North America

Business challenges

  • Outdated software with poor support and inability to add new functionality on demand
  • A lot of manual work and mistakes in orders and vendors management
  • The need to optimize the process of placing orders
  • Lack of ability to make advanced reports using all available data

Our solutions

  • Migration from ElevateDB and MS Access to MS SQL
  • Vendor and order management system
  • Inventory management system
  • Analytics module

Project implementation

After studying the issues and knowing the business goals, we developed a modernization plan describing the stages of abandoning legacy systems and identified the necessary software solutions. We prepared a new data flow architecture demonstrating the process of data transformation and transition within the developed system. The new architecture required abandoning the ElevateDB and MS Access database and replacing them with a MS SQL.

In parallel with the main ATREX system, we have developed a module with dashboards helping employees to prepare advanced reports based on large historical data sets and as a result improve the demand forecasting process.

The inventory management system has also been upgraded to help analyze demand and plan warehouse operations taking into account seasonality and holidays.

In order to reduce the resources spent on manual management of orders, we developed an order management system and automated the process of issuing orders and gave the seller control over their execution.

Technology stack

  • PHP
  • MS SQL

Key activities

Business results

The project we implemented allowed the client to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase overall business transparency and timely response to emerging challenges
  2. Automate work processes and significantly reduce risks in case of human error
  3. Gain the ability to scale business by automating routine processes and adding new features and modules
  4. Migrate legacy management system to a modern technology stack and improve support
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