Reverse engineering and product development

Modernization of an outdated platform and mobile app development for employees of a leading privately owned company in the UK Healthcare industry

United Kingdom
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Newcross is an ecosystem ensuring clients can find healthcare workers to fit their needs and nurses and carers are able to find work. The company works with care homes, hospitals, residential homes, respite care, prisons, etc.

Business challenges

  • Outdated software with lots of bugs
  • Small IT department without the required expertise
  • Mass turnover of medical workers due to dissatisfaction with processes
  • Outdated routine processes of entering and adapting employees

Our solutions

  • System analysis & modernization
  • Backend development of a mobile application for shifts and payroll management
newcross website screenshots

Technical solution

Our team was hired as tech experts on large data volumes processing and as development professionals. We conducted deep business analysis, modeled data, and designed the future platform architecture. To solve the problem of staff turnover, we offered the development of a convenient mobile application for medical workers. The application was supposed to be an organizer for employees with the functions of work schedules management, time tracking, navigation, and payroll monitoring, as well as in the capacity of a staff training system. During the project, our team was responsible for backend development and was involved in developers' tech interviewing

Technology stack

  • Node.js
  • React Native
  • MySQL
  • Rabbitmq
  • Mssql
  • AWS
  • Scrum

Key activities

Business results

In the course of the project, we managed to deeply analyze the business workflows, highlight problems, and provide solutions that helped the client to:

  1. Save time on the employee training processes
  2. Provide a transparent system of payment for employees' work
  3. Significantly increase employee loyalty and stop the staff turnover
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