Online ordering platform for restaurants and C-Stores

Development of an online food ordering system and an open API for seamless integration with over 10 POS systems

Food delivery
United States


A private investor and entrepreneur from the U.S., and after that, Paytronix Systems, Inc., the world’s premier customer engagement platform

Business challenges

  • Shortage of experience in cloud platform development
  • Lack of DevOps expertise
  • No API for integration with POS

Our solutions

  • Mobile and web app builder
  • Orders management application
  • Open API
  • POS integration
  • Integration of payment gateways

Project description

To provide an opportunity to integrate the platform with POS (Point of Sale) of clients, we have developed an open API. We have fully automated the process of data transfer between the POS systems and the platform; the information is automatically consolidated by key. For customers who, for one reason or another, do not have a POS system, we developed an Orders Management application with the ability to confirm orders online. Restaurant owners can install it on their tablets to take and manage orders. A function has been developed to print orders on paper to send them to the kitchen as soon as the order is received from the customer.

To enhance user experience, two application builders for web and mobile platforms were developed. The web application served as a mini-website featuring a menu that was automatically created upon entering the restaurant's data. The mobile application, which was cross-platform, functioned as a branded application that was automatically generated and published in the app stores after the restaurant's data was input into the builder.

A separate task involved integrating with payment portals to ensure convenient payment options for orders. In total, the platform was integrated with 33 payment systems, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Additionally, it was integrated with 8 courier and delivery services, such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, and 6 marketplaces, including Google Ordering, as well as various gift card and loyalty systems.

Technology stack

  • AWS
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • VueJS
  • AngularJS

Key activities


Our close cooperation and developed solutions allowed the customer to start a new business in the chosen niche, create product and achieve the following results:

  1. Create a successful and in-demand product and attract a large number of investors
  2. Find a major partner and start an expansion
  3. Create a product that is used by thousands of restaurants and users
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