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A completely safe to use password generator, which doesn't log or keep any data and works offline

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The app was conceived and developed as an internal product of Twelvedevs, then improved and published in the store for free use


  • Lack of confidence in the security of existing applications
  • Offline mode support


  • Fine-tune the generated result
  • Password strength indicator
  • PWA (progressive web application)
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Technical solution

For this project we chose Flutter, which has allowed us to create a cross-platform, high-performance low-cost application in a short time. The password is generated using two strategies and a developed interaction algorithm. On the first strategy, the password is generated based on user-selected parameters such as length, letter case, amount of numbers and symbols. The second strategy utilizes a dictionary of over 58000 words with an option to choose the password length and a word separator. Using all the incrementors results in generating a secure password that will take centuries to crack.

The MD5 function was added to the application to retrieve the 128-bit hash value of a password to prevent entering the generated password into online converters and increase safety. The application is implemented as a PWA and does not require a network connection, which makes it even more secure and safe to use. For convenience, the last used increment combination as well as the application theme (light or dark) are saved to local storage, and thanks to the password strength indicator users can immediately see how secure the generated password is.

Technology stack

  • Flutter

Key activities


We have developed a convenient and secure password generator with offline mode support, available for Web and both mobile platforms. PGApp source code is accessible to anyone on GitHub, and allows you to see exactly what's going on under the hood.

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