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Business challenges

  • Outdated design
  • Lack of CMS and difficulty in updating content
  • User complaints about slow search performance
  • Poor SEO

Our solutions

  • Integration with a headless CMS
  • Adding an additional data layer (Algolia)
  • Data synchronization between RentCafe and Algolia
  • Online consultation widget

Project description

The contractor turned to us for project rescue services looking for certified Contentstack developers with hands-on experience with the Algolia search engine. After conducting a quick analysis and identifying critical issues, we've accepted the project.

We have developed data models and integrated a Contentstack CMS. The implementation of a headless CMS has significantly reduced the reliance on developers when publishing content.

We used Algolia's search engine to provide almost instant search on the data. We synchronized Algolia and RentCafe eliminating the database bottleneck, providing the necessary flexibility and speed. In addition, we have integrated the solution with Doorway, Walk Score and SendGrid as an email marketing solution.

Using Knock CRM API we received data about the availability of housing, which allowed us to eliminate the human factor and provide better service to the client. We also developed an online widget and synchronized it with CRM to increase the speed of processing requests.

We have integrated several of OneTrust's data security products in response to the increase in internet privacy regulation and laws.

Our front-end developers were involved in the project to develop additional components, layout pages and create the necessary animations. A series of fine-tuned operations allowed the project to be completed on time, and avoided penalties for the contractor.

Technology stack

  • TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • pnpm
  • Turbo
  • Jest
  • Atomic design
  • MaterialUI
  • Storybook
  • DynamoDB
  • Algolia
  • OneTrust
  • Vercel - infrastructure

Key activities


The project was completed by our engineers on time and allowed the client to achieve the following results:

  1. Launch the updated website on time and ensure continuity of the client's business
  2. Eliminate user complaints about slow search performance
  3. Get a modern content management solution and reduce dependence on developers when publishing content
  4. Improve user experience and get an 11% increase in inbound applications
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