Description of 3D models for product configurator

Design of 3D models and the development of Rubens configurator usage logic, the Roomle solution that allows creating and managing 3D data

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Roomle offers different ways to integrate their Rubens configurator into websites or webshops. The solution helps businesses to integrate functional and convenient 3D viewer & product configurator through API

Business challenges

  • Lack of developers to describe models
  • Limited time for the project development because of the concluded contracts
  • Business restructuring caused by the pandemic

Our solutions

  • Modeling of furniture elements according to a specification
  • Development of the configurator logic
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Technical solution

During the project, we took part in the development of a large quantity of 3D furniture models and other interior elements. We fully developed the logic of the Rubens configurator work and described the relationships between models and filter elements.

Technology stack

  • JavaScript
  • JSON

Key activities

Business results

The project we implemented and consulting services we provided allowed the client to gain the following ends:

  1. Save business under pandemic conditions and the large number of signed contracts
  2. Expand the range of 3D models available for configuration
  3. Enter the new markets and strengthen the existing product positions
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