Shipment tracking system with extended functionality

Custom tracking system for carriers and shippers with real-time tracking points and shipment status update

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A client from Europe with its own platform for managing transportation and with a need to expand the functionality of the platform to increase the transparency of the delivery process and provide a better service for carriers and shippers

Business challenges

  • Lack of transparency in cargo tracking
  • Legacy ways of communication between carriers and shippers
  • Slow communication during incidents

Our solutions

  • Tracking module and its integration into the platform
  • Authorization system with role assignment
  • Notification system about all events in the process of cargo delivery
  • Integration with third party shipment tracking platforms
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Technical solution

After studying the requirements of the customer, we prepared the primary architecture of the tracking solution and made a project assessment. Upon agreeing on the details of the project, we set about creating the solution architecture and describing the main entities of the system. We took into account the peculiarities of platform users and the high variability of the information products they use.

Through APIs and other interaction methods, we have provided integration with nine major tracking solutions including DHL, AfterShip, Project44. We have developed an algorithm based on which the statuses of tracking points are updated and their order is changed depending on the tracking service used and the specified sequence.

The implementation of EDI and the EDIFACT and INOVERT standards provided the basis for the exchange of information between carriers and shippers.

The work of our R&D team resulted in the creation of sets of predefined tracking points based on Incoterms, which allowed us to simplify and standardize the process of creating tracking points. We also provided the ability to manually add tracking points and change their statuses to create custom tracking processes.

To increase the speed of action in the event of delivery incidents, we have developed a system of automatic notifications. Notifications also accompany the entire delivery process and any changes in the status of tracking points.

At the request of the customer, in order to fix the terms of the transaction, we have developed a mechanism for creating a single document for the carrier and the consignor with protection against changes and a full description of the delivery details.

Technology stack

  • EDI
  • Nest.js
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Web Sockets
  • AS2
  • OpenAS2
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Key activities

Business results

The project we implemented allowed the client to achieve the following goals:

  1. Improve the product and meet their customers' need for a tracking system
  2. Provide their customers with access to an environment for convenient and fast exchange of documents and messages during cargo delivery
  3. Improve the quality of services provided and thereby gain a competitive advantage
The platform has 10,000 users and met all expectations. Twelvedevs has garnered the partner's trust and loyalty through their work ethic and dedicated efforts. They maintain excellent communication and implement an efficient project management style. Expertise is a hallmark of their work.
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