Launch of a new coastal delivery service

Development of a complex solution for ordering and coastal delivery of products to customers by motorboats

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A private investor from Germany turned to us to realize his idea of coastal food delivery. The client provided his requirements and business features which should be taken into account during project development

Business challenges

  • Severely limited budget for the project
  • Limited time for project development because of the season coming
  • Unwillingness of the target audience to install additional applications on a smartphone

Our solutions

  • Web application for customers (PWA)
  • Delivery management system for drivers (PWA)
  • Shopify warehouse accounting integration
  • Shopify payment system integration
spreekiosk app screenshots

Technical solution

We analyzed customers’ requirements and proposed a technical solution based on PWAs and integration with the Shopify platform. We developed a system for receiving and processing orders, payment acceptance, accounting, and goods delivery. The customer app allowed to place an order, and the driver app was used to manage orders and locate customers using their geo-coordinates. PWA allows clients to use the delivery service without installing the application on the smartphone, just by scanning QR codes placed in the coastal area. We integrated our solution with Shopify to add the warehouse accounting and payment system to the service that helped reduce final project development costs. We quickly tested the hypothesis and developed an MVP by preparing everything in time for a successful product launch for the season

Technology stack

  • React.js
  • TypeScript
  • MobX
  • Leaflet
  • Shopify
spreekiosk app screenshots

Key activities

Business results

We tested the hypothesis and developed from scratch a coastal delivery service. Our technical solutions allowed the customer to gain the following ends:

  1. Implement own business idea on a tight budget through integration with out-of-the-box Shopify solutions
  2. Provide customers with a convenient delivery service without the necessity of applications installation
  3. Launch the service on time for the season
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