Platform for managing a distributed team of transcribers

Product development for the Media industry for managing a distributed team of transcribers, moderators, and calculating payroll

Media & entertainment


In 2014 a private investor from Russia turned to us to realize his idea of a platform for transcribing audio and video. The client provided his vision and wanted to get its technical implementation from us

Business challenges

  • Severely limited budget for the project
  • Lack of thought-out business idea

Our solutions

  • Platform for managing a distributed team
  • Solution for audio track analysis
  • Payroll system

Technical solution

We analyzed the customer's idea and offered the development of a complex solution for managing the team of transcribers and moderators. Using sound processing libraries, we developed a solution identifying the speaker by the voice timbres. It isolated sound waves and split an audio track into roles with timecodes for further transcribers processing. High priority was given to UI design with the ability to display a large amount of specific information, including audio tracks and waves. In order to provide better service and additional motivation for employees, we offered and developed a rating system that allows the best specialists receive more orders. We created and integrated into the product a full-fledged system for calculating employees' salaries and monitoring payments.

Technology stack

  • PHP (Kohana)
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • HTML

Key activities

Business results

In the course of the project, we prepared technical requirements and developed the product from scratch according to them. Our technical solutions allowed the customer to realize his business idea of the platform for transcribing and to start his own business

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