Warehouse dock management solution

A real-time warehouse dock monitoring system that provides warehouse teams and drivers with the information they need to better plan and organize their work

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A client from Europe with their own TMS and with a need to expand the functionality of the platform and provide optimization tools to automate dock door and yard schedules

Business challenges

  • Long Idling time of customers' trucks
  • Legacy ways of communication between dockers
  • Lack of ability to plan the work of the warehouse

Our solutions

  • Authorization system with role assignment
  • Calendar view of all bookings and available slots
  • Tools for management of bookings
  • Users and permissions management
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Project implementation

For convenient management, we developed a system with three roles: carrier, warehouse manager and administrator. The system maintained a dock calendar showing all operating restrictions such as opening/closing times, goods accepted through the dock door, and types of trailers accepted.

For each role, we have developed special management interfaces. The administrator managed system users and their permissions. The warehouse manager saw the entire warehouse schedule and managed dock doors, registered shipments and slot reservations. Carriers were able to view the dock calendar and book free slots to unload their trucks.

Carriers received an estimate of the unloading time based on the shipment information. The algorithm we developed used this data to calculate the time needed to unload the truck and complete the accompanying paperwork, and gave an estimate of the time needed to book.

Technology stack

  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Redis
  • AWS
slot booking confirmation page

Key activities

Business results

The project we implemented allowed the client to achieve the following goals:

  1. Improve the product and meet their customers' need for a dock management
  2. Provide users of the platform with real-time control of their dock activity
  3. Improve the functionality of the platform and thereby gain a competitive advantage
The platform has 10,000 users and met all expectations. Twelvedevs has garnered the partner's trust and loyalty through their work ethic and dedicated efforts. They maintain excellent communication and implement an efficient project management style. Expertise is a hallmark of their work.
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