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We implement Smart Contracts in your business processes and optimize them by reducing operational costs

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Service description

Since 2018 we have been developing solutions based on smart contracts for solving business problems of varying complexity. We help our clients' companies increase transparency and profitability by automating the process of contract signing

Benefits of Smart Contracts

Make the processes more transparent, secure and faster, while drive down costs

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Autonomy and cost savings

Smart contracts are automatic and do not require intermediaries to validate agreements. Companies use smart contracts in their work in order to significantly reduce financial and time costs for the signing of agreements

Accuracy of agreements

Smart contracts require a detailed description of all conditions for their automatic execution. This eliminates the participation of intermediaries in the transaction and errors arising from the manual filling of forms

The highest level of safety

Smart contracts are encrypted using the highest level of data encryption available today. This encryption protects all documents from counterfeiting

Data recoverability

After contract execution, all related data is stored on the blockchain permanently, making it easy to recover data in case of loss

Services we offer

Smart Contract architecture

Using the best practices, we create an architecture that defines the business logic of a smart contract solution. We also pay great attention to the design to eliminate errors in the workflow. Our customized solutions are developed on any compatible blockchain and tailored to your business and industry

Solidity Smart Contracts development

Using the Solidity programming language, we develop reliable Ethereum-based ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens and custom smart contracts to automate agreement execution and make it efficient and transparent for you and your partners

Hyperledger Smart Contracts development

We provide the development of smart contracts for Hyperledger and solutions for enterprises in the financial sector, healthcare, retail, and other industries. Our smart solutions define your business logic as accurately as possible

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Automate you business

We automate your business processes using smart contracts and the latest blockchain technologies

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