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We develop quick and reliable cloud solutions by enabling your business to take full advantage of their implementation

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Services we offer

Cloud consulting

Working hand in hand with a client, we thoroughly investigate his business, needs, and goals. We analyze the possibility of integrating the client's business with cloud applications and services, find the best ways to implement them, and provide a solution model to achieve the set goals

Cloud migration and integration

We integrate your current business software solutions with Amazon cloud services and easily migrate your databases, servers, business applications, and business processes to the right cloud platform for your needs

Cloud App development

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we provide the entire cloud application development lifecycle - from scratch to cloud production with architecture, virtualization, and databases in mind

Cloud App architecture design

We design microservices-based cloud architectures to meet your business needs and provide increased flexibility and scalability

Benefits of cloud implementation

We provide cloud consulting and development services to make your business more flexible and scalable by taking advantage of all cloud capabilities

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Cost reduction

Adopting cloud computing significantly lowers your IT operating costs. It helps avoid high start-up costs and allows pay-per-use as the business scales

Business availability

Using cloud technology, your business gets a disaster recovery solution. The ability to quickly recover data after a failure minimizes the downtime of your service and, as a result, loss of profit

Automatic software updates

Cloud service providers guarantee cloud server maintenance as well as security updates. This saves your business a significant amount of time and money on solution updating

Business sustainability

Cloud solutions make your business greener and reduce your carbon footprint. Reduced energy consumption and fewer IT equipment in the workplace reduce operating costs and help promote your brand in an environmentally friendly manner

Why choose us

Client focus

We pick an individual approach to our clients on the way to reaching their business goals and strive to build a long-term partnership

Domain expertise

We have over 9 years of domain expertise that allows us to provide full-cycle IT services, from the architecture design to the project launch and maintenance

Strategic approach

We focus on business needs and combine our strategic understanding with a practical approach to increase your business competitiveness and help it grow

Reduced project cost

We take the discovery phase and initial project evaluation very seriously. This approach allows us to reduce final costs by up to 30%

Efficient management

We value our clients’ time and strive to work in the most efficient way possible, wasting no time or effort

Experienced team

More than 40 engineers with a deep industry expertise and experience in developing of software solutions for worldwide clients

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Implement cloud to your business

Our engineers are ready to make your business flexible using the latest cloud technologies

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