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We help you choose the appropriate technologies and understand how their implementation will benefit your organization

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What sets us apart

Developing software solutions for 10 years, we have acquired the necessary knowledge to use innovative technologies to solve real-life tasks. We advise and help to implement only those technologies in which our expertise is solid and experience is practical

Understand what technologies you need and how to implement them

How we work

We help you understand innovative technologies and find out the feasibility of their implementation

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    An experienced business analyst, with the help of our R&D lab, audits your processes, reviews documentation, current products, internal systems, and identifies other Scrum artifacts. After an in-depth analysis, we offer options for possible technological solutions based on the required technologies

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    PoC development

    At the request of the client, we develop a proof of concept (PoC) in a short time to prove the technical feasibility of your idea. The developed prototype allows us to clearly demonstrate the potential of the implemented technology and its benefits for your organization

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    We describe high-level tasks of the project and its goals. Then we estimate it in three packages: MVP, optimal solution and product with extended functionality. With this approach, we show the potential of the product, giving the client the opportunity to choose a package depending on the budget

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    We scope tasks and validate them against your organization's goals, aligning our expectations. At this stage, we advise and agree on the optimal development methodology, team structure, terms and plan for implementation and delivery of the solution

Leverage the power of technologies

Our representative will contact you within 1 day to discuss details and schedule a face-to-face meeting
A senior business analyst will advise you and prepare a technology roadmap tailored to your organization
On demand, you will receive a project estimation with 3 options depending on its functionality within 24 hours

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