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We help you modernize legacy software systems by bringing your business up to speed and remaining competitive

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Service description

With our full spectrum of application modernization services, we eliminate unnecessary operating costs and enable your employees' efficiency by simplifying workflows. Our team upgrades, rewrites, and re-architects outdated software systems for improved performance, visibility, and company activities control

Why modernization is crucial for business success

Update your legacy software to increase data consistency, company productivity, while also reduce costs

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Reduced costs

Moving toward cloud-based solutions, you utilize more manageable and scalable operating services which eliminate the need for on-site data centers and reduce ongoing maintenance costs

Better user satisfaction

Modernizing your app with a refined user-facing interface allows adding new services and features, automating processes that lead to a better customer experience, improving satisfaction and brand reputation

Improved efficiency

Apps modernization allows them to be updated frequently making software more flexible and enabling to restructure workflows that improve process efficiency and business performance

Enhanced security

With cloud platforms running on the latest security protocols, your applications receive constant security upgrades and bug fixes that make them protected from data breaches

Increased revenue

Streamlined processes, new services, improved customer satisfaction as well as reduction of operational costs enable your business to generate more revenues

Services we offer

Platform migration

Out tech experts transfer your outdated software to new platforms while preserving the whole functionality and code structure

Cloud migration

We migrate your applications, data, and other legacy infrastructure components to the cloud enabling greater scalability and elasticity as well as optimizing costs, performance, and security

App reengineering

Our specialists first perform examination and legacy code analysis of your outdated software, then rebuild it through reverse engineering, modernize and add new features without affecting business logic

App code refactoring

Our team modernizes your application services by optimizing code architecture and correcting bugs with the use of modern programming languages, frameworks, and other up-to-date technologies to ensure high performance and efficiency

Modernization approaches we take

Deciding which approach to legacy modernization is right, you must understand each one and choose what works best for you

  • 1

    Total transformation

    The legacy app is rebuilt using the latest technology and platform that offer the highest return and give the best competitive edge

  • 2

    Gradual replacement

    Using this approach, one component of a system is replaced with new technology and shifted to production as a discrete application allowing to gradually automate, digitize, and modernize parts of the business

  • 3

    Duct tape

    With this approach, specific app issues are found and fixed through new technologies while the complete system and architecture remain the same offering a high success rate with minimal work disruptions

  • 4

    Improve existing

    Modernization is performed by re-engineering the existing capabilities with a few additions to operations, which increases lifetime and reduces costs

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Make your apps future-ready

We upgrade your software with cutting-edge technologies improving your app efficiency to ensure the growth and agility of your business

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