Rescuing a software development project

We quickly resolve problems that prevent your project from being completed on time, reducing the risk of penalties and client loss

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What sets us apart

We combine consulting, engineering and management to provide a 3-in-1 service backed by expertise and commercial experience. Depending on your project, you get dedicated developers, architects or managers. Supervising the development process on your project will be our CTO, an experienced engineer and PhD in mathematics. We are ready to quickly integrate into your team and processes or take over the project completely

What we do

We help you quickly meet your expertise and resource needs and save your project

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    Estimating and analysis

    We communicate with stakeholders, conduct a quick analysis of the project and identify critical issues. Then we define short-term goals and key milestones according to the deadline and plan sprints

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    Pursuit and solving

    We are running a series of sprints aimed at quickly closing detected issues. We are normalizing the development process to achieve team synergy and go according to plan

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    Development and implementation

    Depending on the deadline and commitments to the external customer, we conduct development in normal or intensive mode with the use of reserve resources according to the project objectives and budget

You'll be able

Our services are emergency assistance for your projects. Our ultimate goal is to increase your profits and reduce your risks

  • Complete the project on time and avoid penalties
  • Maintain customer loyalty and make upsells
  • Build trust and establish yourself as a reliable business partner
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Get the product to market on time and in the desired form
  • Demonstrate reliability and attract additional investments
  • Increase the speed of releases and stay ahead of competitors

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Why choose us

Choosing us, be sure you are working with a tried and tested company having strong practical knowledge

White-label service

We comply strictly with the NDA and understand the importance of keeping our clients anonymous. For 9 years of work as a subcontractor, we have more than 30 successfully implemented white labeled projects

We’re Agile

We can start your project within 24 hours of being contracted and no later than seven days from the date of application. Our experience and expertise allow us to start projects quickly and respond to changes promptly

All-in service

We have a pool of in-house developers, designers and managers who we can allocate just to your project on request. We have strong recruiting and if needed we can quickly expand the team and integrate people into our processes

Experiencing difficulties with a project?

Our representative will contact you within 1 day to discuss details and schedule a face-to-face meeting
We will conduct a rapid project analysis, identify key milestones according to your deadlines and plan the necessary sprints
According to scope we will match the required team and start your project within 24 hours after contract conclusion

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