Modernization of consulting agency network

Redesign and migration of 15 sites to a single tech stack and building a common content management system for the network

United Kingdom


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Business challenges

  • Different corporate styles of the agencies in the network
  • Lack of a common system for content management
  • Outdated technology, poor site performance and design
  • The need to involve developers to content management

Our solutions

  • Migrating all websites to Next.js
  • Integration with a headless CMS
  • CMS modular blocks

Project description

The client came to us as experts in web development and CMS integration. A total transformation approach was optimal to achieve project goals and make a single system for managing content.

All 15 sites were implemented using a variety of technologies and CMS, including legacy technologies such as Angular. To improve performance and support, it was decided to move all of them to Next.js as the most suitable framework for building high-performance and SEO-optimized sites.

For content management, we chose the Storyblok CMS and designed a new architecture for it. We have developed page templates and implemented modular block features, which eliminated the need for developers to help create new pages. It became possible to make changes to each of the network sites from a shared space in the CMS, which made it easier to work with content.

On client's demand, we used AWS Amplify to build, ship, and host applications on AWS. This solved the problem of lack of cloud expertise on the client side.

We conducted comprehensive testing and a series of training on the use of Headless CMS for the customer's employees providing all necessary documentation.

Technology stack

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • AWS Amplify
  • Storyblock CMS

Key activities


The project was completed by our engineers on time and allowed the client to achieve the following results:

  1. Improve brand perception through a unified style
  2. Reduce site maintenance costs by 43% due to the use of a modern technology stack
  3. Reduce the dependence on developers when publishing new content
  4. Significantly improve website performance making it SEO-friendly
  5. Attract new customers and achieve 7% YoY revenue growth
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