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What sets us apart

We have proven experience in application modernization projects for SMEs within the telecommunications, logistics, and wholesale industries. We assist you in innovating without the burden of expanding your in-house team, enabling you to swiftly scale development up or down without hassle and hidden costs

Services we offer

We assist in updating and enhancing legacy software applications to align with current business needs and technology standards


We analyze existing legacy applications to understand their architecture, functionalities, and dependencies, and develop a detailed modernization plan to help you transition with minimal disruption

Cloud migration

We move your applications, data, and other business elements to cloud environment to benefit from scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency

Platform migration

We migrate your applications from legacy platforms to more modern ones without significantly changing the application's core business logic


We modernize applications without changing their external behavior by optimizing the code architecture and rewriting a given app's components to ensure high performance and scalability

Data migration

We integrate your applications with other systems, services, and data lakes, and move data from legacy databases to modern, scalable databases, ensuring data integrity and security

Testing and QA

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the updated applications meet all functional, performance, and security requirements, helping to identify and fix any issues

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Modernization approaches

We utilize popular modernization approaches, which differ in ease of implementation and their impact on business

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    Total transformation

    The legacy application is rebuilt using the latest technology and platform, offering the highest return and giving the best competitive edge

  • 02

    Gradual replacement

    One component of a system is replaced with new technology and shifted to production as a separate application, allowing the gradual automation, digitization, and modernization of parts of the system

  • 03

    “Duct Tape” approach

    Specific application issues are identified and resolved through small changes, while the complete system and architecture remain unchanged. This offers a high success rate with minimal work disruptions

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