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Site migration from outdated technologies to modern ones and content management system optimization

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Business challenges

  • Customer was dissatisfied with the existing website
  • Outdated technology, poor site performance and design
  • The need to involve developers to create new pages
  • Large amount of data to migrate
  • Ensure uninterrupted functioning of business

Our solutions

  • Migration to Next.js
  • Configuring Contentstack
  • CMS integration with digital asset management system (Canto)
  • CMS modular blocks
  • Match Angular and Next.js

Project description

The client came to us as experts in web development with a team of certified ContentStack specialists. Based on the provided Scope, we offered our modernization services. The client requested that the old site and the new one work alongside and that the functionality is transferred to new technologies in stages.

The legacy website was implemented using Angular technology. To improve performance, it was decided to move the site to Next.js as the most suitable framework for building productive and SEO-optimized sites. Taking into account the requirements of the customer, we developed a suitable solution in which we were able to splice Angular and Next.js, despite their differences.

For content management, the customer was already using Contentstack CMS. However, the system was not properly configured. We have developed page templates and implemented modular block features, which eliminated the need for developers to help create new pages. To optimize work with media content, we integrated Canto as a digital asset management system. Publishers can now see all files from the repository at once in the CMS and use them. We also integrated the OpenTable service for restaurant reservations.

Our DevOps engineers have automated the deployment of test and development environments using CI/CD methods. They also configured and customized the Rackspace environment to achieve the goals of the project.

Technology stack

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • mobX
  • Jest
  • ContentStack CMS

Key activities


The project was completed by our engineers on time and allowed the client to achieve the following results:

  1. Reduce the dependence on developers when publishing new content
  2. Optimize work with media files
  3. Significantly improve website performance
  4. Build trust with existing customers and attract new
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