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We provide technical support for initial coin offering campaigns and deliver solutions to make your ICO launch successful

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Service description

With a wealth of experience in blockchain solutions development, we offer comprehensive technical assistance for ICO campaigns including token creation, website development, smart contract development and deployment, together with providing security during fundraising campaigns

How we help

Our challenge is to reduce the risk of campaign failure and make your launch successful. We combine our knowledge and experience with the best practices and technologies to increase your project security and investors confidence

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KYC integration

Enforcing know-your-customer (KYC) requirements and helping you reduce risk when selling tokens, we integrate KYC verification on demand into your ICO

Convenient funding

We understand the importance of transaction convenience and therefore provide multi-currency funding for your project. Our payment processing mechanisms allow investors to conveniently buy tokens with both fiat and cryptocurrencies

Enhanced security

We build highly secure websites for ICO projects to provide a safe token selling process. Our solutions reduce risks of tampering and malicious modifications and ensure your investors send their money to validated funding addresses

Compliance with regulations

We develop solutions for ICO projects according to the latest international cybersecurity standards and provide compliance with domestic and international legal requirements, AML and KYC regulations

Services we offer

Token creation

We develop and implement tokens on top of the blockchain platform optimal for your business. We define their allocation rules and provide integration with investors’ wallets

Smart contract development

Our engineers develop accurate smart contracts to automate token-related execution. We build contracts on Ethereum and other platforms which support ICO token distribution and dividend payouts

Wallet development

We develop highly secure wallets to protect your investors from stolen keys and loss of assets. We offer a multi-signature wallet development service to ensure the highest level of security and inevitable success of your ICO

Website development

We develop visually appealing websites for ICO campaigns to attract investors and ensure crowdfunding success. Our solutions include admin panels and progress bars to track raised funds and the number of investors

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Make your ICO successful

Our experts ensure the success of your project by using our solid knowledge and implementing the latest technologies

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