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Service description

Using the React Native framework we provide you with a cross-platform mobile solution to meet the market needs and tackle your business challenges. Cross-platform development saves up to 40% of time and budget compared to the development of native applications, making them economically more viable for business

Benefits of cross-platform mobile apps

Minimize the cost and save more time without compromising the quality of a mobile app

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Faster time to market

A single source code approach for both platforms helps develop feature-rich apps in less time and launch your product faster


Single shareable code helps you halve the development costs to keep within budget and make your project more profitable


The app allows you to cover a wider range of platforms and give your business a competitive advantage at a lower cost

Less costly maintenance

Making changes in cross-platform applications is much easier and cheaper in comparison with native apps. You save money on maintenance by allocating it to product development and promotion

Services we offer


BAs define your business task and the expected result, after which we proceed with the analysis of the project, its competitors, and target audience and suggest the optimal technology stack for mobile app development. As a result, we create a development plan completed with app architecture, cost and time estimates

UI/UX Design

​​We use modern interface design solutions, combining visually attractive design with ease of use. First we create several conceptual wireframes, then develop the design of every app screen, paying attention to the smallest details

Application development

To develop an excellent mobile app, we allocate a team specifically for your project. All our engineers adhere to coding standards and our internal rules to write clean code. We always make sure the delivered product meets your expectations and user needs

Application modernization

We can help upgrade your existing software, solve scalability issues, do a user interface overhaul and add new functionalities. To better understand how we can add value to your project, we will do a code review and run a quality assurance audit

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What is cross-platform mobile app development?

Cross-platform application development is an approach of building a single application that can run on various operating systems such as Android or iOS, instead of developing different app versions for each platform

Why do developers choose React Native for cross-platform mobile development?

The framework is built on JavaScript and allows to create a native-like feel of mobile applications working on both Android and iOS by writing real code. React Native integrates the benefits of JavaScript and React.js, allowing developers to perform heavy operations using native modules and libraries