Cross-platform mobile development

We create mobile applications that run on both operating systems, reducing development costs

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What sets us apart

We have a proven track record of developing cross-platform mobile applications for real-world applications using PhoneGap, React Native and Flutter. Well-established development processes and proven track record allow us to bring products to market faster than the competition and at a lower cost

Services we offer

Using modern cross-platform frameworks we develop high-performing mobile applications

React Native development

We create high-performing and attractive mobile applications using our JavaScript experience and the power of the React Native framework

Flutter development

We develop applications with a single code base for Android, iOS and web platforms using the Flutter SDK

Old native app improvement

We help improve your old native mobile apps using the power of modern cross-platform frameworks

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Benefits of cross-platform development

Allows you to minimize costs and speed up the launch of the product to the market, while maintaining almost native functionality

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Faster time to market

Using the same source code for both platforms allows us to develop rich applications in less time and launch your product faster


A single, shared code can help you cut your development costs in half, stay on budget, and make your project more profitable


A cross-platform application allows you to cover a wider range of platforms and give your business a competitive edge at a lower cost

Less costly maintenance

Maintenance of cross-platform applications is much cheaper compared to native applications and allows you to redirect the saved funds to product improvement and promotion

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