Node.js development services

Using the Node.js capabilities, we develop high-effective server-side software enabling to handle large data sets in real time

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Our expertise

More than 9 years of experience in JavaScript development, 40 skilled engineers and efficient management. We provide Node.js development services and build reliable, nimble, and secure web products of any complexity to satisfy your exclusive business needs

Services we offer

Custom Node.js development

Our team will execute your idea and deliver a solution corresponding to your business. Using Node.js advantages we provide you with an interactive real-time application or scalable mobile app

Server-side development

Using Node.js, our developers build complex server-side applications according to your business needs. Our expertise allows us to provide end-to-end backend solutions and create secure and scalable applications

API development

We develop microservices and secure server-side APIs using all capabilities of the Node.js runtime environment to provide you with a high‑performance solution

Application migration

We help you migrate your existing applications to Node.js quickly and in no-hassle manner to boost their accessibility, performance and compatibility with other tools and solutions

Business benefits

Being one of the most powerful platforms Node.js offers innovative and comprehensive solutions for optimizing your business operations

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Easy scalability

Scalable horizontally and vertically, your base website code is ready to be changed and expanded as your business grows adding new ways to provide maximum value for users

Reduced development costs

Node.js allows developing advanced applications based on microservices architecture. Such development approach substantially reduces finances and man-hours when rewriting the project in the future

Seamless user experience

The capabilities of Node.js to process several requests in real-time allow your app to load much faster and provide a better user experience

A woman is showing a document to a man with laptop

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Build feature-rich and scalable applications with our Node.js development services

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