Product development for the logistics industry

Platform prototyping and development of TMS to provide customers with an unrivaled quality of communication and transportation control

screenshots of transport management system


Relying on our expertise in web development, a private investor from Europe turned to us to confirm the feasibility of SaaS and develop a competitive product for the logistics industry

Business challenges

  • Target customers do not have the resources to purchase expensive software and long-term implementation
  • Outdated ways of communication between shippers and carriers
  • Paper document management
  • Lack of transparency in cargo tracking

Our solutions

  • Transport management system (TMS)
  • Electronic document management implementation
  • API development
  • Integration with SAP
screenshots of transport management system

Technical solution

In order to reduce risks and costs, it was decided to start with PoC development and demonstrate the feasibility of the customer's idea. By involving the R&D division we tested several hypotheses, created individual software modules that formed the basis of the future platform. These modules were developed as independent solutions with the possibility of combining them into a custom product.

The combination of all solutions was a complete TMS with increased flexibility. We developed a public API that allows us to interact with the platform from the outside. The platform was also integrated with a set of logistics solutions from SAP.

To increase the transparency of business processes, we developed an electronic document management and reporting module, as well as a communication module. This solution was affordable and allowed us to track shipments via communication channels, which ultimately reduced the cost of the entire solution for end customers.

At the customer's request, in order to increase the transparency of the transportation process, we have developed a separate solution for drivers. We implemented it as a PWA, eliminating the need for drivers to install additional third-party applications.

Technology stack

  • Nest.js
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular
  • Redis
  • Web Sockets
  • AS2
  • OpenAS2
screenshots of transport management system

Key activities

Business results

Our close cooperation and developed solutions allowed the customer to start a new business in the chosen niche, create product and achieve the following results:

  1. Create a product that attracted more than 10000 users
  2. Provide customers with a high-quality and cost-effective solution and take the lead in a competitive market
  3. Become a unique provider of software solutions for the logistics market in Europe
The platform has 10,000 users and met all expectations. Twelvedevs has garnered the partner's trust and loyalty through their work ethic and dedicated efforts. They maintain excellent communication and implement an efficient project management style. Expertise is a hallmark of their work.
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