React Native development services

Using React Native, we develop convenient, fast, and versatile applications for iOS and Android

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Our expertise

We are early adopters of the React Native framework and have been using it for development since 2015. We provide cross-platform development services and build high-performance and attractive mobile applications to satisfy your exclusive business needs

Business benefits

React Native allows launching new products faster and with less budget

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Cost reduction

Using React Native enables us to develop advanced cross-platform mobile solutions to tackle your business challenges saving up to 40% of time and budget compared to the development of separate apps for each platform

Rapid product launch

React Native shortens time to market, allowing you to quickly deploy your MVP and see the reaction of users. Launch your new business as quickly as possible by choosing React Native over native apps

Cheaper maintaining

Spend less money on maintaining your business application. Universal code is a central feature of React Native development. This makes it quick and easy to support React Native mobile apps and save on maintenance and updates

React Native development process

  • 01

    Analysis and planning

    Building a React Native app involves more than just web development. We pay maximum attention to market analysis and planning. Due to the detailed study of the interface design, the product acquires usability indicators and meets the requirements of the target audience.

  • 02

    Application design

    We create the interface and prototypes of the application sections, adhering to the recommendations and standards of Apple and Google, on a course for an optimal user experience.

  • 03

    Server side development

    We design the database and write the code that will go under the hood of your application. This code will be responsible for storing data and processing logic, as well as the app’s security and scalability.

  • 04

    Application development

    At this stage we implement core app functionality, conduct testing and performance evaluation, making sure the final product corresponds to the original business requirements and is working flawlessly.

  • 05

    Publishing in App Store / Google Play Store

    After making sure that the application works as expected, and only after receiving final approval from the customer, we publish it in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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