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We develop strategies and solutions tailored specifically to the tasks and challenges of your business

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What sets us apart

In 7 years of focused contact network development, we have built strong relationships with more than a 100 niche experts affiliated with universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our partners enriches our consulting services by providing niche knowledge and problem-solving experience

Services we offer

We help you determine the best strategy for transformation and implement it smoothly

Software architecture consulting

Based on your needs and the existing software ecosystem, our engineers select the right technology and advise on the most appropriate architectural solution. Our service will allow you to create a productive and scalable software solution that meets your operational needs

R&D laboratory

Our R&D team validates the viability of your product idea by researching your industry, competitors and the needs of your target audience. You can safely test your hypotheses and get evidence that the product or service idea is technologically feasible and cost-effective

Technology innovation

We analyze your goals and evaluate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of achieving them using innovations such as AI, Blockchain and IoT. Our consulting services protect you from risky investments, while our development services help you harness the power of technology

Digital strategy consulting

We help you develop and implement effective strategies to expand your business's digital presence. Combining the power of information technology, industry experience and marketing knowledge, we create strategies adapted to the digital space

Technology consulting

Our technology advisory service helps prevent companies from making the wrong investment in technology that is not adapted to the ever-changing business environment. We create a technology environment that enables sustainable business transformation and investment protection

Cybersecurity advisory

Our advisory services help organizations take proactive steps to protect their data, systems and networks. We provide assessment services to help you understand your current security status and identify areas that need attention and improvement

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How we help

After our consultation, you will understand exactly what technology solution you need, how much it costs and how exactly it will improve your organization

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See points of growth

We will help you find bottlenecks in your processes and show you how to overcome them with the help of technology

Identify the technology stack

Choose the right technology for your project and understand how it will affect your business in the long run

Scale the business

Design a powerful and scalable software architecture that meets your operational needs and builds a solid foundation for your project

Increase sustainability

Get an overview of the current state of security and identify areas that need attention and improvement

Test the hypothesis

With the help of our R&D lab, you can assess the viability of your product idea and protect your investment

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On demand, you will receive a project estimation with 3 options depending on its functionality within 24 hours

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