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We provide custom IoT development services to help businesses set up processes and take advantage of connected devices and machine-generated data

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Service description

We design an IoT architecture and build a connected ecosystem around end users combining IoT apps, mobile devices, and cloud services

Benefits of IoT implementation

Raise the overall business value by increasing productivity, enhancing decision-making and minimizing unexpected expenses

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Improved productivity

Thanks to the connected systems, mundane tasks can be done automatically and valuable human resources may be transferred to more complex tasks, therefore, increasing productivity

Reduced operating costs

By automating and monitoring processes and minimizing human-related mistakes, IoT solutions enable smarter and more efficient resource allocation and reduce operational costs of your business

Predictive maintenance

By integrating real-time sensor data with powerful analytics, businesses get timely warnings allowing to avoid unplanned downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs

Better resources management

The automated scheduling and monitoring enable higher resource efficiency, such as power and water consumption, allowing especially large businesses to be more productive and eco-friendly

Services we offer

IoT consulting

We conduct in-depth research of your business needs, craft a detailed integration plan, describe the value of an IoT-enabled solution in your specific business situation

IoT solution prototyping

We describe solution components such as data warehousing, analytics solutions, and control apps to bring a general concept of your IoT solution to life with a working prototype

IoT App development

We build connected systems that gather, store and analyze data generated by smart devices across your networks allowing you to manage them through remote access opportunities

IoT Integration

We provide backend engineering establishing two-way communication between IoT devices, systems, and analytics, giving you access to your data and enhancing your company’s performance

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Take advantage of connected devices and machine-generated data

Start digital transformation and take your business to the next-level performance with our IoT development services

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