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We design, develop, and launch products making your ideas commercially successful and your unicorn dreams a reality

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What sets us apart

Drawing on our experience of developing two world-class SaaS platforms from scratch, we offer not just services, but strategic partnerships that drive consistent growth and expansion of your startup. This cooperation not only maintains investor satisfaction but also ensures timely adaptation of your product to market

Services we offer

Our services are tailored to ensure continued growth from Pre-Seed stage to expansion

Idea screening

R&D unit identifies and evaluates your ideas to determine their technical viability. We share our experience, protecting your investment at an early stage of development

PoC/MVP development

We create a proof-of-concept (PoC) and MVP to demonstrate the product's feasibility. This approach provides a cost-effective way to test the market potential of a product idea and capture the attention of investors at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages

Product design

From crafting a visual identity to developing clear and functional interfaces, our UI/UX team delivers exceptional product designs tailored to user needs and corporate identity

Product scaling

We offer resources and expertise to accelerate development, refine software architecture, and meet investors' demands for a scalable business model

Product enhancement

We assist you in innovating and developing new features to capture a larger market share and meet user demands, while refining the technology stack for enhanced scalability and performance

Discuss your ideas and share your challenges

How we help

Our services are like a LEGO, consisting of interlocking offers and sub-services. Build your own kit or choose from ready-made ones

Launch products faster

Harness our R&D unit capacity and expertise to validate your business ideas quickly with a working prototype or MVP. Demonstrate to investors your competence and ability to quickly bring a new product to market

Accelerate development and prepare your product for scale

Get on a trajectory for sustained growth and satisfy investors' needs for a scalable business model. We employ best practices and a custom development methodology to increase velocity and reduce time to market

Stay ahead of the market by maintaining innovation

Implement the right technologies in the right way and at the right time, to refine your product to meet market demands, stay competitive and attract further funding

What you get

A team of experts with 8 years of experience in product development and startup nurturing working only on your project

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    Dedicated unit

    We form a dedicated team solely focused on your project to deliver the service you expect and to enhance communication quality. We utilize Agile practices and our proprietary work methodology to ensure flexibility and seamless integration with your team

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    Architect expert

    We understand the impact of proper architecture on a product's success and development costs. Therefore, we involve our most experienced architect early in the product development process. He leads the application architecture design and provides consultancy

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    Full-cycle development

    We support your success by guiding you through every stage of your product development life cycle and funding phases. From idea screening and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development to post-launch technical support, Twelvedevs - the only team you'll ever need

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    Accelerated development

    We help manage technical debt from the early stages and increase sprint velocity to achieve product-market fit and maintain investor satisfaction, regardless of the circumstances

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    Environment deployment

    Leveraging our expertise and employing the best DevOps practices, we manage the deployment of testing and production environments, freeing up your time for strategic tasks

Skyrocket your product

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