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Striving for engineering excellence, we create scalable software solutions which adapt with your business keeping it stable in disruptive conditions

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What sets us apart

We combine our scientific expertise with an understanding of business sectors to develop solutions with measurable business value. By establishing dedicated units for each project, we ensure focused attention, high-quality communication, and structured management, thereby enabling timely project delivery

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How we work

Our expertise and efficient processes significantly shorten delivery times, boosting transformation efficiency

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    We explore the features of your project and analyze the requirements. We pinpoint your goals and propose the best way to achieve them. Based on the data collected, our business analysts and architects prepare a product specification (including user stories, BPMN, and wireframes) for your approval. Following this, we conduct a preliminary estimate of the time and cost required to develop an MVP

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    Our UI/UX designers prepare several design concepts and allow you to choose a style. We then create a style guide containing logos, colors, fonts, and other elements, and build the final interface for each screen based on the previously created layouts

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    Development and testing

    The coding process is organized into sprints lasting 1 to 4 weeks. All members of the project team collaborate closely, with development and testing conducted in parallel. A DevOps engineer sets up a test environment where QA engineers perform a series of tests to ensure the product functions as required

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    DevOps engineers prepare the cloud hosting environment and deploy the application. Subsequently, through the practice of CI/CD, we automate the deployment process

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    Upon the request, following the product launch, we continue to support and enhance it by developing new features based on user feedback and the project roadmap

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On demand, you will receive a project estimation with 3 options depending on its functionality within 24 hours

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