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Industry description

The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid digital transformation across medical service delivery and the global Covid-19 pandemic creates an extra burden for healthcare systems by increasing the importance of medical service quality. Custom healthcare software solutions help healthcare organizations to tackle these challenges and enhance medical workflows and patient experiences

Solutions we offer

  • Healthcare analytics
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems
  • Hospital management software
  • mHealth solutions
  • Patient portals

Role of blockchain in the industry

Blockchain technology transforms the healthcare field by providing solutions to address human error, security of patient health records, lack of transparency in the pharmaceutical supply chain, lack of interoperability between databases holding patient health records, and healthcare-related information

How we help

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Individual patients data controlling

Blockchain technology makes it possible to record all patient medical data in a decentralized, traceable, and trustful manner and maintain a complete audit trail of every doctor, provider, payer, medical device, health information exchange (HIE), etc., providing patient diagnoses and treatment-related benefits as well as ensuring the data is both accurate and up to date

Health records management

Our blockchain solution allows managing medical records, ensuring interoperability, and protecting patient privacy. Providing such solutions as infectious disease reporting, tracking vaccination histories and secure data exchange enables greater collaboration between patients, doctors, and researchers and leads to personalized care pathways

Pharmaceuticals serialization

We implement blockchain technology by creating more secure means of data management and exchange, allowing companies to increase security, prevent counterfeiting, keep up with regulatory and industry trends, and provide better product tracking

Transparent clinical trial results

We enable blockchain technology that allows ensuring trial results by providing transparency and traceability over clinical trial sequences. All data is stored in a strict chronological hierarchy and is prevented from alteration by any third party as well as to simplify the validation of the clinical trial by regulatory authorities

Why choose us

Customer focus

We approach each of our clients individually and focus on business understanding to deliver the most suitable solution for specific challenges

Domain expertise

We have over 9 years of domain expertise that allows us to provide full-cycle IT services, from the architecture design to the project launch and maintenance

Strategic approach

We focus on business needs and combine our strategic understanding with a practical approach to increase your business competitiveness and help it grow

Reduced project cost

We take the discovery phase and initial project evaluation very seriously. This approach allows us to reduce final costs by up to 30%

Efficient management

We value our clients’ time and strive to work in the most efficient way possible, wasting no time or effort

Experienced team

More than 40 engineers with a deep industry expertise and experience in developing of software solutions for worldwide clients

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We help healthcare providers to resolve trust, transparency, and data integrity challenges with our custom healthcare software

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