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Industry Description

Today, the travel and hospitality industry effectively leverages technologies, encouraging companies to search for more innovative digital solutions such as online booking, travel portals, price comparison tools, hotel management solutions, and more. Custom travel & hospitality software solutions help businesses to improve their processes, deliver a customer-centric approach and increase market share

Solutions we offer

  • Hotel & restaurant management software
  • Travel portals
  • Booking engines
  • Travel applications
  • Travel agency software

Role of blockchain in the industry

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we travel and various areas of the travel industry, from ensuring easy and secure payments to improving customer loyalty programs. For the hospitality industry, blockchain enables better managing the supply and demand in real-time along with allowing property management and payment to occur in one place. All this make time-consuming tasks simpler, save costs, improve the overall customer experience, and benefit directly from customer’s purchases

Blockchain solutions we provide

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Supply and inventory management

We create blockchain-based solutions that allow hotel and restaurant owners to be informed about deals with suppliers through recording details about the products and transactions with the ability to check them at any point of the supply chain. With such transparency, the inventory manager can accurately forecast the demand and optimize the amount of stock, and therefore increase revenue

Loyalty and rewards programs development

Loyalty rewards programs are an important part of generating the return and new customers. Our blockchain-based solutions help systematize this process and improve loyalty programs management. Loyalty rewards are distributed through digital tokens that enhance the transparency, security, and exchangeability of these rewards, as well as reduce system fraud and improve the customer’s experience

Seamless transactions and settlement

We use smart contracts to streamline finance settlement processes by eliminating the need for intermediaries who can delay the settlement timing. This simplifies the transactions while increasing the overall transparency and helping to build trust

Launch new products

Our web solutions allow you to quickly build awareness among large audiences of new products your business has to offer

Why choose us

Customer focus

We approach each of our clients individually and focus on business understanding to deliver the most suitable solution for specific challenges

Domain expertise

We have over 9 years of domain expertise that allows us to provide full-cycle IT services, from the architecture design to the project launch and maintenance

Strategic approach

We focus on business needs and combine our strategic understanding with a practical approach to increase your business competitiveness and help it grow

Reduced project cost

We take the discovery phase and initial project evaluation very seriously. This approach allows us to reduce final costs by up to 30%

Efficient management

We value our clients’ time and strive to work in the most efficient way possible, wasting no time or effort

Experienced team

More than 40 engineers with a deep industry expertise and experience in developing of software solutions for worldwide clients

Increase revenue by optimizing your workflows

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