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Industry Description

Custom logistics software solutions enable your business to leverage the power of digital to streamline your reporting and communication processes, reduce delivery time, cut operational and maintenance costs and ensure real-time visibility. Implementing such solutions help your business refine workflows, strengthen confident decisions and supply chain resilience as well as gain a competitive edge

How we help

Leveraging our industry experience, we develop software solutions for logistics service providers to meet their unique challenges

Transportation management

The TMS we develop has all the features you need to synchronize transport operations, control costs and improve the quality of service. Our solutions reduce administrative costs, optimize and speed up your shipments

Supply chain management

By combining software solutions, we create end-to-end systems for suppliers, manufacturers and shippers that help them manage and control the resources they need to move products smoothly, on time and cost effectively

Warehouse management

We design WMS, providing the ability to better manage and track shipments as they move through your facility. We understand your processes, requirements and the need for a fast return on investment

Fleet management

We develop a single dashboard to provide fleet managers with a real-time view of vehicle movement and location, driver performance, fuel consumption and possible delays. Our solution brings together tools to manage drivers, vehicles and operations in one place

Route planning

We develop route planning solutions that help you determine the most economical route and save up to 20% fuel with an advanced route optimization system based on real-time data. Our solutions help reduce planning time and resources and increase route density

Shipment tracking

Our solutions provide real-time visibility into your shipments and the ability to share this tracking information with shipping departments and your customers. The implementation of such solutions reduces the potential costs caused by delays and missing packages, and improves the quality of customer service

Role of blockchain in the industry

Blockchain is becoming a game-changer in the logistics industry by decentralizing infrastructure, achieving transparency, and building trust. The technology helps to cope with increased flows of information within the supply chain, lack of speed and efficiency of the deliveries, poor inventory tracking, and discrepancies regarding the payment and invoicing

What we offer

We combine our knowledge of blockchain technology and industry issues to create a modern and in-demand solution

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Digitizing the supply chain

With blockchain technology, we create supply chain solutions allowing to provide complete data visibility and a single source of truth to track and trace the entire production process. This helps avoid issues like counterfeit goods, compliance violations, delays, and waste as well as choose to share track-and-trace data with customers as a way to verify product authenticity and ethical supply chain practices

Automating commercial processes

We use smart contracts to help you automate commercial processes by increasing the efficiency of the entire logistics process including trade finance and resolving disputes. The other way of smart contracts is the digitization of letters of credit (L/C) allowing to bypass the need for buyers and sellers to engage banks and eliminating the paperwork traditionally associated with L/C

Digital documentation

Our blockchain software solutions can record transactions and store digital copies of important paperwork such as a purchase order, bill of lading, customs documents, etc. that are accessible to all business partners within the supply chain creating a trusted environment between the key players and thus, reducing the percentage of inefficiencies and disruptions in the supply chain

Why choose us

Choosing us, be sure you are working with a tried and tested company having strong practical knowledge

Systematized knowledge

We have combined all the knowledge accumulated over the years into a database of solutions that we use to reduce the cost and time of developing new products

8 years in logistics

We have more than 20 completed projects in the field of logistics and helped an international company grow from a startup to an enterprise. The accumulated experience gives us the ability to complete complex projects in timely manner

Team of scientists and experts

Our investment in research and our own R&D team led by a practicing professor, Ph.D. in Mathematics, allow us to find optimal solutions and create innovative products for our clients

Fixed development cost

We pay great attention to the preliminary analysis of requirements and assume all risks and costs. Working with us, you know exactly how much and when you will pay even before development begins

High customer retention

4 out of 5 of our clients come back to us with new projects or recommend us to their business partners. We are interested in your growth and ready to be your technology partner for as long as you need

10 years on the international market

Our long experience of working with clients on 3 continents makes cooperation with us convenient and verified from a legal standpoint

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We create the best-fit software solutions to make the logistics business transparent and controlled

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