Discovery phase as a service

Give a good start to your project to significantly reduce its failure risks and additional costs in the future

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Service description

We validate your product concept to mitigate potential risks that may arise and boost development efficiency by testing its market viability and usability and finding the best solution in achieving your business results

Why discovery phase is crucial for success

Clarify the project vision and minimize development risks by saving time and money to implement your project

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Validating an idea

We analyze your business, the market, competitors, and target audience to evaluate whether the planned product meets its required aims and is needed in the real world

Planning a budget

We outline your project’s technicalities, development stages, team members, and financial and time indicators to make sure your product will be launched on time and within budget

Finalizing software requirements

We provide a clear vision of your product and its requirements allowing to avoid obstacles and risks like postponed deadlines, increased costs, project freezing, bugs, and others

How we run the discovery phase

Here are the steps we take to find the best solution for your challenges:

  • 01

    Project requirements identification

    By defining project goals, scope, functionality, and priorities we get a clear vision of the product's business tasks as well as its business goals

  • 02

    Market research

    We conduct market and competitor research to determine the needs and gaps for better market demand addressing. You get a clear vision of the business outcomes before investing in the actual product development process

  • 03

    Proof of Concept (PoC)

    We analyze your idea to evaluate it is feasible. We test and check if the concept is functional, there’s a market for it, and if there are potential gaps in the development process that might interfere with its construction

  • 04


    We build a working model of the software with a couple of features and a basic interface giving a look at a possible final product and allowing you to test its work to fix problems early on during the development process

  • 05

    Development plan

    We estimate development efforts, required resources, and create a project plan with clear milestones and delivery dates providing you with a clear vision of the product development process

  • 06

    Cost and time estimate

    You get a document with the list of features and a time estimate in hours for implementing each of the features. That will take the product from an idea to launch with no rescheduling and additional costs

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Build a strong foundation for your project

We validate your product concept by developing a winning project vision and testing its market viability and usability to achieve the best business results

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